Political Communication and Rising IQs

Kenya’s 2022 General Election

More than 80% of Kenyan children do not reach basic skill levels in reading, writing, and counting. The reliance on overly technical campaign strategies means this problem is slowly abating.
This is a high level campaign strategy that taps on the voter’s cognition to make sense. If voters didn’t understand percentages, averages, and sampling, we wouldn’t expect such a billboard.


This is a screenshot of the Ten-Point Agenda of the Azimio la Umoja manifesto being led by Raila Odinga.
Kenya Kwanza Housing Plan by David Ndii
David Ndii explaining the Kenya Kwanza housing plan: Notice the contents of the white board; it has numbers and shapes which are abstract representations of what Ndii is trying to communicate.


What aspects of this poster are striking? Notice the reference to Mugabe? What does the visual communicate? And what’s with the cliche quote?




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Zinah Issa

Zinah Issa

Reflecting on the cognitive and sociocultural nature of our societies.