The Illusion of Decline: The United States, Architecture and the Arts

Is the United States in decline?

The best way to understand decline is by first looking at the United States. At its peak, the United States is a behemoth with a massive economy, political influence, and a sophisticated military. But the U.S is not the only empire of its kind, before it, larger and more sophisticated empires stood, until all of them were eaten up by time. Time, it seems, is the killer of empires and a tomb of great memories.

The psychology of decline

There’s nothing more loved than history, not as a discipline but in relations to the past. People never fail to point how times were great in the decades that came before the present one. Our best days are always behind us.

From @arch_crimes
From Rolling Stone’s top 500 songs of all time
Lilian Gish and the Children, from The Night of the Hunter
Death of practical arts captured beautifully by @b_fink
Francoise Truffaut’s 400 Blows (1959)



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Zinah Issa

Zinah Issa

Reflecting on the cognitive and sociocultural nature of our societies.